Basic On-Leash Training

Georgia Canine On-Leash Training is a 4 week basic obedience/behavioral modification course that is $1200. The first part of the course is our trainers and your dog working together to establish trust & lay a solid foundation of behavior/obedience. We teach the dog daily in our classroom basic on-leash walking, sit, stay, down, place and other basic obedience.  We also work on socialization, crating, and take the dog on various outings to work through distractions and in real life scenarios. The second part of the course you come and get involved in finishing the dog. We want the dog to work well for you!! We teach you the leadership skills to make that happen. During the first 3-4 weeks your dog will stay at our facility to work daily with our trainers. This program does not include a dog with aggression issues, please see below for our behavior modification program.
You pay half when you bring the dog and the other half at graduation.
Advanced Off-Leash Training
Advanced Off-Leash Training is the next step after your dog graduates our Basic Program. Basic (on leash) and Advanced (off leash) obedience training, can be taught during the same stay. Combining both will consist of up to 7 weeks of boarding & training at our facility. If taught separately, Advanced Obedience Training consists of 3-4 weeks of boarding & training at our facility. Advanced Obedience Training is $1200 plus the $200 E-collar. The training consists of Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Place and Here (recall) as well as learning to walk/run on a treadmill when needed or requested. When combined with Basic is $2200 plus a $200 E-collar (a savings of $200 when taken together).


Day Training

Georgia Canine offers Day Training for dogs that need assistance with specific issues.  Your dog will work one-on-one with a trainer to modify behaviors such as jumping, crating, loading in a vehicle, reactivity to other animals and additional issues.  $65 per session, daily 10a-5p. 





Boarding & Grooming



Georgia Canine boarding includes Housing, Care, Daily Exercise, and Leash Control. Our kennel technicians spend time with each dog insuring proper socialization, feeding, medical care and exercise daily.  Please let us know when making your reservations if your dog has special needs or medication.


$18 per night- owner is responsible for supplying food.

$22 per night-GAC provides food

GAC offers a multi-dog discount for dogs boarded together.



Georgia Canine offers basic grooming by our experienced Canine Specialist.  Grooming services are available Monday-Friday or prior to pick-up during boarding.


Baths(includes nail trim) $45

Bath with Blow-out $65

Nail Trims $10

Summer Cut (includes bath, blow-out, and nail trim) $95

Santi-Trim $15

Gland Expression $15